I have created this space to record my thoughts and feelings regarding my journey as a teacher and school leader.

Since 2008 I have been Head Teacher in a large co-ed government high school on the coast of NSW, South of Sydney. My school has around 1100 students.  We are situated within 5 minutes drive of two selective high schools, a boy’s and girl’s catholic high school and an independent private school.  Needless to say, these schools impact significantly on our student population.  I also live in the suburb in which I teach.

One of my strengths as a teacher has been my skills in behavior management.  I am passionate about sharing these skills with early career teachers as I was a teacher who resigned in my first 2 years of teaching.  It is only for the mentoring I received while working as an administrative assistant at the Board of Studies that convinced me to return to teaching.  For this reason I run a group at my school to provide practical tips and support for beginning teachers and teachers struggling with behavior management in the classroom. It is my goal to ensure that we do not lose quality teachers in their early career.

My biggest triumph as a leader has been taking a group of new and experienced teachers working in isolation, a group of excellent individuals trying to achieve great things on their own and leading them to become a cohesive, dynamic, cooperative faculty with common goals, a clear pathway to achieve them and a shared sense of achievement.

This common and cohesive approach has provided a sense of stability for both teachers and students that allows them to take risks knowing that there is support for them. For me it is the development of professional relationships with my team and understanding who they are as individuals that has allowed me to do this.  This, and my strong belief in leading by example.

At my heart I am a learner.  I am passionate about science, education and technology. I enjoy technology and seek to understand new and emerging technologies and enjoy developing strategies for the classroom. I believe it is also my responsibility as a leader in the school to pass this knowledge on.

Another blog by me that has nothing to do with education. http://www.kevmeandhd.wordpress.com


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