#28daysofwriting has made me less self-conscious about sharing

This year I had decided to write everyday. I wrote something nearly everyday in January. But I shared it with no one. I wrote about why I write on day 5. In a nutshell it clarifies my thoughts and stops me obsessing about things. Writing calms me.

But I was reluctant to share. I had started blogs both professional and personal but my posts were sporadic and were a small sample of the writing I was actually doing. I would post a link once on Twitter or Facebook and that was it. I was dabbling with sharing but I wouldn’t tag or use hashtags or even repost because I was self conscious. Self conscious about my writing, my ideas and my opinions being read and judged.

#28daysofwriting has given me the confidence to share. Giving it 28 minutes and not worrying about perfection has given me the freedom to share. I still only post to social media once but by using the hashtag my writing can be found and read … by complete strangers.

I don’t think I will be posting every day into the future but I feel more comfortable about sharing my ideas, opinions and experiences more regularly. It has also made me incorporate more writing and sharing into my teaching and learning. I am in the process of developing a class blog and I will be asking my students to contribute posts. Not just about Science, but learning in an online environment.

Thanks to everyone who read, retweeted, commented and liked my posts. Thanks to those who wrote for 28 days. I have learned and grown because of you all. Finally, thanks to Tom Barrett – there are leaders and then there are those who take leadership to another level and inspire others to change and be more – thank you.


3 thoughts on “#28daysofwriting has made me less self-conscious about sharing

  1. tinakmeyer February 28, 2015 at 10:57 am Reply

    I’ve enjoyed reading and have looked forward to your ideas

  2. tinakmeyer February 28, 2015 at 10:57 am Reply

    So thank you

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