#28daysofwriting Week 2 of Virtual School

Week 2 of virtual school and I did not get a chance to pre-record any lessons. I recorded as I delivered and sent the links to the students who missed class.

I’ve learnt some work arounds. An activity that I used to do will cards & butchers paper became tiles on a PowerPoint slide moved into a table.

I’ve discovered Mathematical calculations need to be typed as the mouse drawing tool does not do lambda.

Today’s work around was my MacGyver moment. I wanted to show some YouTube clips. They will play on the YouTube add-in in Adobe Connect on my computer but not in my students as YouTube is banned on their computers. They just see a large grey box with a cross through it. I can share my screen and play the video but then there is no sound for my students. My quick thinking work around was to play the audio through speakers and hold my microphone against it. It creates a lag but it solved the problem.

I got my students to write today. They express themselves well. We got talking about writing and blogs. They are keen to start a class blog and were also keen to read mine (hi 9sci3, you maybe disappointed) after I told them about 28 days of writing. They are also keen to connect with other science classes in Australia and beyond.

I continue to be excited by the possibilities.


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