#28daysofwriting Would the world have ended if I had the day off?

Is it the type of people who become teachers or the nature of our job that compels us to drag our sick self into work? I have worked in lots of industries and most permanent employees take a sick day when they are sick. Teachers, not so much. Why?

I have a delightful virus that causes nausea and vertigo. So rather than resting in bed, I dragged myself to work. To my own disappointment, late as I had to wait for the drugs to work so I could drive. In hindsight that statement should be enough to suggest I should have stayed home. Why did I go? Because I have this online class and it’s only the second time I’ve had them and I have to give a presentation at an AP/DP combined network meeting after school. If I didn’t turn up my colleague would have to do it & she hasn’t done the prep.

All very flimsy excuses. I could of delivered my class from home (because it’s online and I have Internet at home) and while my colleague was grateful, she would have managed because she is highly competent and she wouldn’t have minded because all my work colleagues are nice people. They may not be so grateful when they catch what I have though. A number mentioned they had the same thing, maybe they gave it to me when they dragged their sick self into work.

As teachers, we are so personally invested in what we do we don’t want to disappoint the people who depend on us. I think this is the core of it. As a parent you keep going because people depend on you. The relationships you develop with students and colleagues can create the same type of dependence. And when people depend on you you don’t want to let them down.

Or is that just me?

If I feel this way tomorrow then I’ll definitely, maybe, probably have the day off … But then there’s my online class and that finance presentation I have to give on L3…


One thought on “#28daysofwriting Would the world have ended if I had the day off?

  1. tinakmeyer February 19, 2015 at 10:30 am Reply

    I dragged myself into work today after five days of not moving much at all because I got bored yesterday afternoon and figured that meant I was ready to go plus the sentral referrals were building and I had extension 2 until 5. I think we are just stupid.

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