#28daysofwriting I failed the Productivity Manifesto Today

I found the Productivity Manifesto on Twitter I think it was @stringer_andrea who shared it, but I could be wrong. If you don’t follow her you should because she always shares lots of good stuff.

The Productivity Manifesto

The Productivity Manifesto

But today I failed.

  1. Plan your day, had the uniforms ironed and the lunches made. Win
  2. Get the big rocks in – My rocks are so big they are Uluru but they were in there. Win
  3. Do hardest tasks first – I did phaff (is that a word – is that how you spell it?) about answering the phone, answering emails but most of my easy tasks have been put off for the hard one. Win
  4. Single-task – Impossible. I work in a room with 8 other people and the phone constantly rings and we all make circles around the 9 things we have going at once. I actually wrote 8 emails with taking part in a 30 minute adobe connect staff meeting (winning but really) – fail
  5. Multi-task – all tasks (winning but really) – fail
  6. Ditch the unimportant – I have so much to do at the moment that all but 2 tasks are ditched until I finish. I even cancelled on my kids sports committee meeting and I’m the secretary. (not sure if it really is but) Win
  7. Use a to do list – this is just a list of all the things I have ditched in 6 to get the big tasks done. Win
  8. Use a to do later list – this is my to do list. Fail
  9. Create you own productivity system – I don’t think they mean abandon all other aspects of your job. Fail
  10. First be effective That is yet to be decided. Fail
  11. Quit procrastinating – I currently don’t have time, although at the busiest time of my work year I decided to take on #28daysofwriting. Fail
  12. Use productivity tools – I have the apps but no time to set them up and besides I’m procrastinating with #28daysofwriting. Fail
  13. Meditate- have the app but #28daysofwriting. Fail
  14. Get a headstart – I don’t think I can start any earlier than 7 or get up any earlier than 5.30. Fail
  15. Practice 80/20 rule – I only have enough time for 20% of the stuff I have to do so by default, I’m doing this. Win
  16. Clear your mind – I can’t brain today I have the dumb.  Lost my words today so this must be what I did. Win
  17. Be organise – fail. Nuff said
  18. Delegate where needed – I did this by default today. My colleague booked rooms and set dates for the conference I’m meant to be organising – however, she reminded me I had to do it and then offered to do it for me.  That’s delegating right? Win
  19. Outsource work better done by others – after DEC cuts their is no one left to outsource to. Fail
  20. Eliminate timewasters  I eliminated my lunch break today. That’s a time waster right? Fail
  21. Master your skills – I know there is an easier way to do what I’m doing but I don’t have time to stop, teach myself then apply it. Fail
  22. Tap into you productivity periods – not sure what they mean here. I’m a full time working mum/carer with teenage children that play 2 sports and take music lessons and don’t drive my only non-productive period is while I’m sleeping. Fail
  23. Go with the path of peak enjoyment. WTF does that mean. Fail
  24. Just do it. I am. Win
  25. Be well rested. This actually contradicts 14. I averaged less than 6 hours sleep last week. I like 8 to 9 but can survive on 7. Fail
  26. Learn from the best. I work with teachers we are crazy busy people. Win
  27. Search and reapply.  For another job. Win
  28. Improvise on your performance – my performance is a constant improvisation. One day they will work out I have no idea what I am doing. Win
  29. Read productivity materials.  See 22. Fail
  30. Create your life handbook.  See 29. Fail
  31. Batch similar tasks. Like sitting at my desk all day writing emails. Done and done. Win
  32. Use the best tools.  Just got a new computer. Winning
  33. Reward yourself. By bringing work home. Fail
  34. Learn to say No. No, I don’t think I can do that. Fail
  35. Quit to win. See 27. On it. Win
  36. Create a conducive environment. Like an open plan office with 8 people either on adobe connect session or phone calls. Fail
  37. Improve your posture. Did you just sit up straighter? I did. Win
  38. Delete limiting thoughts. If only it were that easy or maybe it is. See 16
  39. Cut down on communicating time.  Given that I am sending emails to over a hundred principals I don’t think I can. Fail
  40. Time Box. I can can’t get to work before 7 and I have to leave at 6. That’s a time box right? Fail
  41. Set at target. I have had several, all unrealistic, all moved and moved again. Fail.
  42. Set a deadline. See 41.
  43. Keep your emails in check.  I have actually been doing this because as I send each email out I get about 9 in reply. Win
  44. Plan your task. Didn’t help. Fail
  45. Be on time.  I am. Win
  46. Visualisation.  I visualise taking my computer and hurling it through the window along with my phone. It seems to calm me. Win
  47. Practice make perfect. Fail. Had the same task last year, it’s not getting any easier. Fail. Although I know more about what I’m stuffing up now. Fail.
  48. Use overwhelming force. Do. Or do not. There is no try. Win (Star Wars Yoda reference is always a win)
  49. Get a coach. Got one. Win
  50. Take a break or vacation. Only been back 3 weeks. Fail.

19 wins, 31 fails. I think I need a new manifesto. How’d you do?


One thought on “#28daysofwriting I failed the Productivity Manifesto Today

  1. tinakmeyer February 17, 2015 at 1:35 am Reply

    Lol you are here to see another day – you win. I would fail that manifesto as much as you did. There just aren’t enough hours in the day for people that can’t/don’t say no.

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