#28daysofwriting riding the roller coaster of virtual education

Last year I applied to teach at a newly gazetted virtual school and got the gig to teach year 11 chemistry. I was very excited. The concept intrigued me. I love using technology and this is 100% reliant on tech.

So off I went to the meet and greet conference. Our rural and remote school was named Aurora and we learned all about the how, what, where and why. My excitement grew.

I met with the other Chemistry teachers, we had all met before as we sort of all teach in the same educational space even though several hours drive from one another (rural and remote kinda works that way). We put together a scope and sequence, programs, chose texts, assessment schedules and tasks and organised how we would manage prac work. For three head teachers we handled the Chiefs and Indians division well. Excitement became anxiety and I blogged about it.

Then at the end of term 4 my presents started to arrive. Laptop, document camera and second screen. I did a happy dance. Excited again.

This term started well. I had my timetable and 1 student. Anxious about one-on-one teaching but I could live with that. Then my student dropped chemistry. plummeting to Earth with a massive crash. Not only was I not teaching, I’d have to give back all my shiny new toys. Devastated.

But my wonderful head teacher didn’t want to lose me. She also had a problem. In year 9 there are too many students enrolled on one line. Solution: split the class and put me on a year 9 class. Excited again. Back to being a little anxious because now I’m under-prepared.

What a roller coaster. But I’ve always thought that lows make those highs so much better. Luckily I deal well with change, work well under pressure and adapt well.

I am so happy the ride is not over. I’ll let you know how it goes. The sudden changes in direction, the lows and the highs. It will be exhilarating.


One thought on “#28daysofwriting riding the roller coaster of virtual education

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