#28daysofwriting day 7: taking a break

This weekend I have been on the annual trip my husband’s family organise each year. His Aunty, cousins, brothers, sister and all their children converge on a NSW coastal town for the weekend.

We swim, we shop, we eat, we drink and every year it’s at the ends of week 2 of term 1. I am currently very relaxed but come Sunday night, I will be frantic about all the things that did not get done.

In contemplating whether the 2 days away is worth it, I realised that it is family that keep me grounded. And they are pretty understanding. There are teachers and 2 pre-service teachers, 2 paramedics and some public legal types to name but a few. We like to serve out community.

We share war stories (no names. No identifying info). This makes me realise that other professions get it. Any legal or medical public servant is under the same pressure as teachers. Ironically, one of my family members is trying to set up a system of integrating service providers so that we work as team to achieve coordinated outcomes. It means coordinating a massive number of agencies but imagine having concerns about a child’s welfare, ringing 1 number and having a coordinated approach to all services for them. Ok, so I have had several glasses of red wine, it sounds easy. Much more difficult in the cold hard light of day but definitely worth striving for.


One thought on “#28daysofwriting day 7: taking a break

  1. tinakmeyer February 7, 2015 at 8:46 pm Reply

    Yes our mandatory child protection thing explained the coordinated approach – mammoth task but long long overdue.

    And yes, family and a break is worth the frantic tonight … But leaving tonight for tomorrow morning and getting in a little earlier is also worth extending the relaxation until tomorrow. Realistically, what in the work is life changing for one more day.

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