#28daysofwriting Day 5: Who am I writing for?

I started blogging in 2013. I did this for personal rather than work reasons. I needed to think out loud.  I think by talking.  This frustrates those close to me because it appears like I am changing my mind. I discovered that I could get the same clarity and empty my head of all those swirling thoughts about work and my life by writing them down. It is good for my wellbeing. I chose to share it because I knew that my family and friends would get a lot out of it too. Check out https://kevmeandhd.wordpress.com if you dare.

I then started my work blog later that year (you’re reading it now). Again to think out loud and clarify my thoughts around my core beliefs about education.  I didn’t expect anyone would read either blog and that is not why I created them. It was purely to get what was in my head onto virtual paper so that I could stop thinking about stuff. It also to forced me to clarify my thoughts – they can be a bit scattered.

Since starting the #28daysofwriting challenge, I have found myself, for the first time, checking how many people have read my blog posts and who has retweeted the link to my post. Suddenly, this has become important to me. It has become a little bit of a rush. Although compared to some, my 18 views and 2 retweets is a bit pitiful. I had looked at these bloggers on twitter who retweet the link to their posts over and over with some disdain but now I have an more of an insight into why they do it.  It is the rush that someone has read your thoughts and seen value in them. It also re-enforcing for me the need to find genuine audience for my student’s work.

I will continue to write because it’s good for my wellbeing. It is nice that someone else reads it other than me in an attempt to find the spelling mistakes I should have noticed before hitting publish. I’m enjoying the ‘rush’ but hopefully it won’t overtake the reasons I started blogging in the first place.


5 thoughts on “#28daysofwriting Day 5: Who am I writing for?

  1. Markeeta February 4, 2015 at 8:45 pm Reply

    It’s a very interesting question – what is the purpose of our writing? I’m finding, in the classroom, that I’m constantly asking my students: for whom are you writing this? What’s the point of it? Like you have in this post, we’re identifying that sometimes we write for ourselves while other times we have a broader audience in mind. Our audience makes a huge difference to what and how we say what we want to say.
    I’m a bit like you though – I’ve suddenly become quite interested in my ‘stats’.

  2. tombarrett (@tombarrett) February 4, 2015 at 10:33 pm Reply

    I am pleased you have raised this and shared the question about our audience and indeed the purpose of our efforts. It has been lovely to see the surge of writing since we all started this crazy 28 day project and I have been keen to learn of the motivations, through posts like these, of those taking part.

    I have been watching my blog statistics for years and think that this year I am no longer going to fret about continual self-justification for doing that. I, in fact, really enjoy it and see another story within the way people interact with what I share whether on twitter or on my blog. I enjoy seeing where readers are from and what they have enjoyed reading or felt compelled to share. It has helped me understand the audience, the community, that is there with me and I think that’s a good thing.

    Taking those ideas into a classroom is where I started blogging in the first place – crafting a class blog and my own at the same time.

    Writing can often be a deeply personal and isolated endeavour but when we are able to realise the potential of open web publishing, writing transcends into a community experience. A richer, more holistic creative act.

    • jenglish2013 February 4, 2015 at 10:46 pm Reply

      It is pretty cool to look at that map and see a small global audience. I will definitely be creating a class blog to give my students access to a real global audience.

  3. tinakmeyer February 7, 2015 at 11:48 am Reply

    You crack me up! Mostly because I worry about my spelling and punctuation after hitting publish too. I blog for similar reasons – I’ve found that the screen is always listening which provides clarity of sorts.

  4. […] something nearly everyday in January. But I shared it with no one. I wrote about why I write on day 5. In a nutshell it clarifies my thoughts and stops me obsessing about things. Writing calms […]

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