#28daysofwriting day 3 It has a name – Shared Leadership

Today I read an article that landed in my inbox from Teacher ACER’s online magazine. I had not heard the term shared leadership before but it is what I have done instinctually.

I am not a micro-manager. This is often difficult for people who have been micro-managed to come to terms with. But by devolving responsibility for tasks you give people ownership over their work. You empower them. Which is why I did it before I knew there was a label for it.

As a head teacher, I put 2 staff in charge of a year group. They are responsible for everything relating to this group. Scope & sequence, programs, assessment tasks, report outcomes, excursions and so on. The team is usually a senior teacher and a early career teacher. The senior teacher mentors the other.

It worked beyond my expectations. Staff were more engaged, more satisfied with their work and keen to develop further. Results improved, student outcomes improved, morale improved and senior class enrolments almost doubled. Students noticed the difference. Best of all is staff started to take risks with new ways of doing things. They tried PBL, ITC, student choice and new literacy and numeracy strategies.

I highly recommend shared leadership as a model for empowering staff, building morale and freeing the load of school leaders.


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