Looking for New Ways to Procrastinate #28daysofwriting


Finding thing to make me happy


Everyday things that make me happy

I’m already doing #100happydays, in which you post of photo a day of what made you happy. It has made me happier. It has made me seek out happy things to photograph.
When at home, I tend toward the introvert end of the spectrum and become fixated on all the things that have to be done when your a mother, wife and teacher. But it has also opened my eyes to the everyday things around me that make me happy.

Which brings me to new ways to procrastinate. I am very busy. Which means I don’t take enough time to reflect on stuff. Particularly work stuff. I am taking this opportunity to reflect on work and write about it. I start at a virtual school, teaching 1 student chemistry on line. I am working out of the classroom organising professional learning for teachers. I am applying for new jobs, not that my old job is bad, in fact thanks to new senior executive the school is a wonderful place to teach, but I’ve been there 8 years and feel a bit stale. I am also trying to make sense of all the new reforms in NSW so I can support school to implement them. As well as be wife, mother and friend. That’s all. So while others may see the writing task as procrastination, I’m looking at it as an opportunity to reflect.

Hopefully none of us will get bored.


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