Things my sons should know before NAPLAN

I have 2 sons who are developing into wonderful, creative, smart, talented, kind, considerate, compassionate, artistic young men.  I could not be prouder of the men they are becoming.  They are in Year 7 and Year 9. Which means that this week they will be sitting NAPLAN.  Noah is in year 9.  He could care less.  Luc is in year 7 and he is a little stressed about the whole thing.  Noah wants to do poorly, in the misguided belief that some form of funding could be linked to his school’s overall performance. Luc just wants to take the week off.  So this is what I want them to know before they do these Literacy and Numeracy tests.

  1. Do your best.  Not because it reflects well on your school, not because it reflects well on your teachers but because I have raised you to do your best in all your endeavours.
  2. Be glad that your teachers will look at your results and hopefully use them to develop better numeracy and literacy programs for you and your school.  It is important that everyone achieves their potential in these areas.
  3. Never accept these results as a measure of your potential or your academic achievement because they do NOT measure the majority things that I, as your mother and as a high school educator think are important.  These tests do NOT measure the things that will determine your success in the future or in fact your potential literacy and numeracy outcomes. They measure what you can do for a narrow set of outcomes at one moment in time.
  4. Do not believe that NAPLAN results define the success of your school or provide a means of comparing schools.  Your school is amazing and is staffed by dedicated teachers who have your best interests at heart.  They go out of their way, giving up their personal time to ensure you are exposed to as many educational experiences as possible.  This is not measured by NAPLAN.
  5. Your worth as a human being will NEVER be measured by a test.

So to all those students across Australia sitting NAPLAN tests this week. Try hard, do your best and then get back to what’s important in schools – LEARNING not testing.




One thought on “Things my sons should know before NAPLAN

  1. jenglish2013 May 17, 2014 at 1:16 am Reply

    Mum wants me to point out that she was only on the sole parent pension for 1 year and travelled to Sydney to work for same $$$ as pension. Her family had her back and a he also had our backs & we would never had been homeless. We were & are lucky but we know others aren’t. Something the Liberal party either doesn’t know or doesn’t care about.

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