Term 4 and The Perfect Storm

I am currently sitting at my computer, in the eye of a perfect storm.  The prevailing conditions of my personal and professional life have converged to provide the air and sea temperatures required to produce the mother of all storms.

Like all natural disasters, I wasn’t aware of the prevailing conditions as they developed.  Some I had control over, others I did not.  It started with a wedding in Vietnam and some long service leave. This of course lulled me into a false sense of security.  I was relaxed, reinvigorated and had become blissfully accustomed to having people cater to my every whim.  Little did I know that deep under the water, professional conditions were shifting out of the normal range and up in the upper atmosphere personal conditions were also beginning to shift to extreme. I did not see the signs soon enough to issue my extreme weather warning.

Like a good science teacher, I have tabulated the data:

Professional Factors Ocean Temp change (oC)
LSL -2
Year 12 finished -2
Meadowbanks +1
2IC sustaining broken collar bone and severe concussion in holidays +2
Faculty not wanting to disturb my break to tell me +2
Faculty stepping up to do all ‘visible’ HT jobs + some ‘invisible’  jobs DP & other HT communicated -2
ESSA organisation incomplete +2
Markbook structure incomplete +1
Report structures incomplete and not linked to Markbook +2
15 uni essays to mark before last lecture 2nd week back +5
Year 11 reports due first day back from LSL & left to last minute by me +1
Year 8 exam & prac assessment not written or done and now to be written by me +2
School Plan Evaluation +1
Reporting to P&C on 2nd day back re new T&L strategy +1
Regional TPL to organise & deliver at end of 2nd week back +2
Decision to apply for promotion having never addressed the General Selection criteria before +4
Total Increase 20
Personal Factors Air Temp change (oC)
Primary school fete assistance +5
Head cold for me and entire family +4
Son’s Performing Arts HS performance nights and rehearsals +2
Husband’s charity motor cycle ride to Snowy Mountains +4
Child’s sporting and music lesson commitments +3
Total Increase 18

Without the extreme weather warning, I have been unable to implement my usual safety procedures when storm conditions prevail.  The increased air and sea temperatures have converged and I have been buffeted by extreme winds and rain with hits to my health and quality of teaching and learning in my classroom.  This storm will then circle around to hit again as I take on ESSA marking and half my faculty is out for HSC marking followed by flooding from the storm surge that is personal and work Christmas functions after the wind and rain subside.  So as I sit in the self imposed eye of the storm I am restocking my natural disaster supplies, recharging batteries, catching up on sleep, doing a bit of exercise and meditation, planning lessons and catching up with friends and family so I can sustain less damage as the eye moves past me.


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