Project Based Learning: I see what you did there

I went to a professional learning event on Saturday and the presenters practiced what they preached. Teachers presenting to teachers and there was not one power point in sight. It was a refreshing change.  I’m not used to quality teaching in my professional learning. I’m hesitant to call it innovative because it was what PL should be but it was definitely a welcome change.

The Project Learning Swap Meet 13 (PLSM13) at the Powerhouse Museum was run by Bianca and Lee Hewes.  It took a group of teachers at varying stages of understanding, through the process of project based learning.  What innovative way did they do this?  By taking us through a project.

The morning was spent investigating how project based learning works, we were then set the task of creating an idea for a project using scaffolds, group and individual work and critical friends and then we shared it with the teachers in the room. Brilliant.

Was it messy?    Yes

Did it take me out of my comfort zones?  Definitely.

Did I learn something?  Most certainly.

Am I thinking more deeply about how I engage students in my classroom, getting through content while encouraging them to think more deeply about the big picture and application to different context?   I can’t stop thinking about it.

Bianca and Lee, I see what you did there.  Thank you. It was inspired teaching.

Check out #plsm13 on twitter.


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